Fly to Freedom Hull 2017, Bamm mosaic bird installation at Hull Paragon train station.

Coralie is a member of Bamm (British Art of Modern Mosaic) and she was instrumental in a very large project with the group in 2017 as part of Hull 2017 year of Culture.

25 mosaic artists and 6 community groups worked with Bamm north to create over 130 mosaic birds for Hull Paragon train station.

The birds were installed as a murmuration flying around the entrance hall of the station.

Coralie designed the layout with artist Diana Storey and the installation method with Darren Richardson.

Coralie as part of Bamm north will be talking at the annual conference this year in London in September.

  • Hull Paragon Train Station, 2017
  • Ceramic, wood, 150m
  • Client: Hull 2017