Hannah Court Public Art Commission

The torch or beam of sparks on the right of the design reflects the sparks theme which emerged from a thumbnail sketch discussion relating to Sheffield’s industrial heritage in the early stages of the design process.

The factory operating on the site would have been making sparks in its manufacture of steel items as would other small factories in the area, the flickering light from sparks and the sounds of machinery from this process will have dominated the atmosphere.

The triangular part of the design on the left of the image represents the craggy cliffs of Stanage Edge and Sheffield’s modern reputation as an outdoor city which attracts many students to study here. It also could be interpreted as forms found in crystal structures. It has angles within it that are similar shapes to the letters in HANNAH,

In developing the design the theme has incorporated a graphic style relating to scandinavian design with luxurious and indulgent real gold detail.

There are also Art Deco influences in this design in the shapes and the gold detail and the original logo for Silverpride who’s factory was on this site contains lines that fan out in a similar way to the main beam part of the design.

This design is aspirational, gives an energy to the building as well as a stylistic and heritage related theme. It adds luxury and texture and is light, fun and contemporary.

The outlines of the design were fabricated by Elysion Ltd. using stainless steel square hollow section. These were bolted to the wall with discreet fixings and installed as panels.

The gold inserts are 3 dimensional, they were laser cut stainless steel folded (press braked) into shape and welded to the frame. A layer of richly coloured gold leaf was applied to the surface.

The cast bronze stars were fixed in place on top of the frame and have gold leaf applied to the surface.

  • Matilda St/Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1, 2014
  • Polished Stainless steel , bronze, gold leaf, 10m x 2m
  • Client: Hannah Court