Housemartins, swifts and swallows. Mosaic floor at Horselygate Hall, Derbyshire.

I may be a sculptor but I have just completed an 8m2 mosaic floor at Horselygate Hall, Derbyshire near Sheffield.

Using hand cut 9mm thick victorian style tiling I created a flow of tiles with inlaid house martins, swifts and swallow I had made in my studio at Yorkshire Artspace, Persistence Works, Sheffield.

The client is very happy with the result, recently she had a party during which people were queueing to look at the floor.

Contact Coralie for a quote to commission Coralie to make a mosaic floor by email : [email protected]


  • Horselygate Hall, Derbyshire., 2015
  • Vitrified ceramic, 8m2
  • Client: Horselygate Hall Manager