Mussel Shell

Created for the children’s area of a courtyard garden in Sheffield, this private commission is both robust and weatherproof.

Mussel Shell is covered in porcelain mosaic and is 1m wide x 1.5m long x 60cm high.

The colours reflect the client’s taste and the shapes within the pattern follow geological formations in red sandstone.

The sculpture will add a new dimension to a beautiful garden, it will be a conversation piece as well as something for the children to play on. It is outside what is on offer at garden centres and craft fairs and each piece is unique.

It will be an interesting sculpture in the garden long after the children have grown up.

Its fairly lightweight sturdy construction has the advantage of being transportable to a new location should the client move house or re-arrange the garden. 

  • Private Garden, 2014
  • ceramic mosaic, 1m wide x 1.5m long x 60cm high
  • Client: Private Client