Ulley Country Park Mosaics

Coralie created a 4m long mosaic using porcelain tiles, stone and stainless steel to commemorate the near disaster in 2007 when Ulley Reservoir damm in Rotherham was threatening to burst its banks. The image depicts the vigorous cascade of water, fireman’s hoses and exposed rock that made up the dramatic scene on the day.

Coralie also helped 5 schools and 6 community groups to make 14 smaller mosaics for the new performance area in Ulley Country Park.

Funding came from and A4e lottery bid applied for by the Friends of Ulley Country Park and Coralie gained sponsorship from Ardex UK.

The mosaics were officially unveiled by the mayor of Rotherham on 18th of April 2018.

  • Ulley Country Park, Rotherham., 2018
  • Steel, porcelain and shale., 4m x 1m
  • Client: Friends of Ulley Country Park.