Ah, these days there is so much to do and so little time. However I have found time to apply for a public art opportunity, work on designs for a garden screen with flowers for a private client, re-design a Baptist Church entrance and continue to develop my studio work. As well as looking after my children I am not doing too badly.

What I would like is to spend all my working time making however : social media, website tinkering, SEO (search engine optimisation), accounts, vat, blogging, applying for public art opportunities, all eats into my time for studio work so I am allocating certain days of the week to studio time just to make sure I get in!

I am very excited about getting the new work finished, then I can take it to exhibitions and shows and hopefully some great people will buy art and commission sculpture making it all worthwhile.

The image I have attached is a mosaic that was made during a team building day with student services staff from Sheffield Hallam University.